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Average Water Usage and Water Heaters

Marathon Water Heaters

Lifetime Warranty

  • 50-gallon - $958
  • 85-gallon - $1,225
  • 105-gallon - $1,535

Off Peak or Peak Shave Rebates available. Contact MLEC for more info.


Off Peak

Looking for ways to save money on your electric bill? Changing to Off Peak water heating is a real option. Water heating accounts for up to one-third of home energy costs, and reducing water heating costs can save hundreds of dollars every year.

With a storage water heating system, electricity heats the water during off peak hours. When electric demand is high, your water is turned off and you draw from your stored hot water. This saves MLEC money, and these savings are passed on to you through our off peak rate of 4.8¢ per kWh. The payback on your initial investment is usually only months.

A storage water heating system is one that has sufficient storage capacity to supply the user’s hot water needs over an extended “on-peak” period while the electrical supply is interrupted. One hundred gallons is the minimum storage capacity required to qualify the water heating system as a storage system.

Contact our Energy Services Department today at 218-429-0432 or 1-888-433-4279 to find out more on how to save money tomorrow.


FYI - Average Water Usage


Gallons per day

For kitchen, laundry, bathing
and other sanitary uses

100 per person

Lawn & Garden


For lawn sprinkling per 1000 sq.ft.

600 (approx 1”)

For garden sprinkling per 1000 sq.ft.

600 (approx 1”)

Heating water is the second largest energy user in the home. In fact, 4% of America’s total energy consumption is attributable to heating water. Family hot water usage has increased due to more widespread uses of automatic washers and dishwashers. The estimated water use in today’s average home is as follows:

Tub water

10-15 gal

Showers (under 5 min)

8-12 gal

Washing machine

25-35 gal

Automatic dishwasher

11-16 gal

Handwashing dishes

9-14 gal

Shampoo hair

5-7 gal

Cleaning home

3-8 gal

Food preparation

5 gal

Average Hot Water Used per Day:

2 adults/1 child

60 gal

2 adults/2 children

70 gal

2 adults/3 children

80 gal

2 adults/teenagers


A leaking hot water faucet or toilet should never be ignored. Little drops of water cost money. The following are examples of how much hot water and electricity can do down the drain:

Drops per Minute

Gallons per Month

KWH per Month











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