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Board of Directors, Minutes & Bylaws

From the Board Room

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative was held at its office in Aitkin, Minnesota on December 21, 2018.

Routine business included the approval of minutes of the November 16th regular meeting and November 19th special meeting and work orders for October. Routine reports included team reports, financial reports, activity reports, the accident and mileage report, and the loss control and safety report. Scheduled meetings were reviewed.


• 2019 recommended budget

• Other reports included: November GRE Report and October GRE Financial Report; MREA November newsletter; MREA December Board Meeting; October CFC board reports; Director Candidate for CFC bio review; NRECA International donation letter ($500 donation will be made in 2018 and will budget accordingly in 2019) and October Report to Members; NRTC 2019 Voting Delegate paperwork (to be discussed further in January). The Board was also updated on confidential issues.


Actions Taken:

  • Approved the 2-19 Proposed Budget as submitted.
  • Approved Resolution to Implement Revenue Deferral Plan of $850,000 in margins in excess of budgeted margins at 2018 year-end.
  • Approved the recommended electric, long distance, and internet, write-offs for this month in the amount of $7,527.40.
  • Approved that 4.7% be used for the discount rate in 2019, on a 20-year rotation cycle for Estate and Write-Off for Capital Credits.
  • Approved no banking changes be made at this time for 2019.
  • Approved new policy – Procurement Conflict of Interest.
  • Approved a change for Directors Committee Meeting fee from $30 to $75.
  • Approved removal of Internet Reimbursement Fee for directors as of January 1, 2019.
  • Approved Long Range Load Forecast resolution.
  • Approved activity reports.
  • Approved the re-appointment of Linda Weimer and Jack Gilbertson for Districts 6 and 7 respectively, and Lowell Larson for Director-At-Large to Mille Lacs Community Trust Board of Directors as recommended by the Trust Board of Directors.
  • Approved board meeting date in March and director participation in scheduled meetings.

Board meeting dates were set for the Fridays of January 18th, February 15th and March 15th.

The Cooperative is divided into seven districts.  Each is represented by one member of that district on the Board of Directors.  Director candidates are solicited from within each district though an open filing process. Directors are elected by those members present at the Annual Meeting and by mail ballot.  They are elected for three-year terms. The Board members set the policies by which the Cooperative operates, and they hire a general manager.  They meet monthly, normally the third Friday.


Barbara Welty

46393 Earle Brown Dr, Garrison MN 56450 - phone: 320-692-4800

District 1 shall be comprised of the City of Onamia and the following Townships in Mille Lacs County:  North Kathio, South Kathio, South Harbor, Onamia, Bradbury, and Dailey, and the following in Crow Wing County:  Roosevelt.


William "Bill" Bernard

27847 Ak Sar Ben Ln, Aitkin MN 56431 - phone: 218-678-3911

District 2 shall be comprised of the following Townships in Crow Wing County:  Rabbit Lake, Deerwood, Bay Lake, Nokay Lake.


Harold Harms

26818 170th St, McGrath MN 56350 - phone: 218-232-2935

District 3 shall be comprised of the City of Garrison and the following Townships in Aitkin County:  Lakeside, Idun, Seavey; and the following in Mille Lacs County; Eastside; and the following in Crow Wing County:  Garrison.

Aileen DeMenge

26205 State Hwy 210, McGregor MN 55760 - phone: 218-768-4900

District 4 shall be comprised of the City of McGregor and the following Townships in Aitkin County:  Jevne, McGregor, Spalding, Davidson, Kimberly, Spencer, Aitkin, Lee, Rice River, and Workman.


Don Appel

34057 Dove St, Aitkin MN 56431 - phone: 218-927-4134

District 5 shall be comprised of the following Townships in Aitkin County:  Nordland, Glen, Jewett, Malmo.

Bruce Robinson

35651 464th Ln, Palisade MN 56469 - phone: 218-851-4760

District 6 shall be comprised of the City of Palisade and the following Townships in Aitkin County:  Verdon, Unorganized T51-R25, White Elk, Bain, Hebron, Libby, Logan, Waukenabo, Esquagamah, Unorganized T48-R27, Morrison, and Fleming; and the following in Crow Wing County:  Ross Lake, Fairfield, Dean Lake.


Michael W Reem

23937 435th Ave, Aitkin MN 56431 - phone: 218-839-5697

District 7 shall be comprised of the following Townships in Aitkin County:  Farm Island, Wealthwood, Hazelton.

Sarah Cron

36559 US Highway 169, Aitkin MN 56431 - phone: 218-927-8224


Articles and Bylaws of Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative

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Other Information:

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2017 MLEC Financial Information  (2018 financials will be available prior to the Annual Meeting on 4/11/19)

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